6 Best No Challenge Prop Trading Firms Of 2021: A Trader’s Perspective

When you’re looking for a prop trading firm, keep in mind that some of them are far easier to get into than others. You may have to pass strict evaluations or meet specific profit tiers …

best no evaluation prop trading firms

When you’re looking for a prop trading firm, keep in mind that some of them are far easier to get into than others. You may have to pass strict evaluations or meet specific profit tiers on stringent guidelines until you get funded. 

Of course, then there are the prop firms that either have no challenge or will allow you to pass their entry challenges with no timeframe limitations.

So, in this guide, I’m going to focus on the 6 best no evaluation prop trading firms out there. And, tell you why they’re the best.

Let’s start with a quick overview.

Best No Challenge Prop Trading Firms Overview

Prop FirmFundingProfit SplitFees
DT4x Trading$10,000-$50,00060%$265-$575 (Monthly)Open
MyForexFunds$324,000-$1,350,00050%$99-$2,450 (One Time)Open
Surge Trader$25,000-$1,000,00075%$200-$6,500 (One Time)Open
BluFX$75,000-$150,00050%$132-$333 (Monthly)Open
City Traders Imperium$2,500-$2,000,00050%-70%$131-$782 (One Time)Open

DT4x Trading 

best no evaluation prop firm - dt4x

DT4x is a UK-based prop firm that offers instant funding up to $50K. Since you don’t have a challenge or evaluation, you instantly start making a 60% split on your profits. 

The accounts are affordable and you can get instant funding and scalable options.

Verified customers really seem to love the flexibility and return available with no evaluation or challenge. 

DT4x Programs

They offer 3 program choices and each has scalability up to 1.24 million.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • The scalable options reach up to $1.24 million
  • The fees are inexpensive for everyone
  • A very popular choice amongst traders
  • They offer instant funding options
  • Everyone gets a 60% profit split
  • The program choices are simple with only 3 options 

Their Cons

  • While 60% is decent, most traders are looking for higher profits
  • The customer reviews are somewhat mixed, which affects their overall reputation

My Forex Funds

second best no evaluation prop trading firms - myforexfunds

My Forex Funds offers a 50% profit share as well as instant funding.

There’s no challenge or evaluation but if you choose one of the more advanced levels, you do have evaluations for those.

You can get up to 85% profit share on some tiers but it’s not guaranteed on the no evaluation levels. 

My Forex Funds Programs

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split
Accelerated Scaling$324,000$9950%
Accelerated Scaling$405,000$24550%
Accelerated Scaling$540,000$48550%
Accelerated Scaling$1,080,000$97050%
Accelerated Scaling$1,350,000$2,45050%

Their Pros

  • No evaluation required to get started
  • The profit targets are simple and you can reach them in your timeframe
  • They offer instant funding even to beginners
  • Assured funding reaches up to 1.35 million
  • If you hit your first profit target, they refund the registration fee
  • You can get on a higher tier with a higher profit after evaluation
  • You have unlimited time to reach profit targets

Their Cons

  • The profit share for the no evaluation model is only 50% 
  • Evaluations and challenges are required to get higher profits

Surge Trader 


With Surge Trade, you get to keep 75% of your profits. They don’t have an initial evaluation, although you do need to complete an application to get started.

They also have an audition, which is like a challenge from other providers. You can pass that challenge on your own terms and pace. 

Surge Trader Programs

Surge Trader programs offer a 75% profit split across the board.

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • The profit split is 75% across the board
  • The evaluation (challenge) is taken and passed on your own terms
  • There are multiple options for programs
  • Based in Naples, Florida
  • Designed to inspire the trader in you

Their Cons

  • While there is no evaluation specifically, you do have to complete an application
  • The package options are on the pricy side



BluFX is another prop firm based out of the UK. This firm offers instant funding for forex traders.

They have zero loss liability and also you have that little detail about not having to pass stressful challenges and evaluations.

You get in there and just do your thing and let the results speak for themselves. Their platform sports about 30,000 traders and you can easily join them. 

BluFX Programs

Their program costs are listed in pounds so I’ve also listed the approximate USD equivalent. 

TypeFunding AmountMonthly FeeProfit Split
Lite Package$75,000£99 ($132)50%
Pro Package$150,000£249 ($333)50%

Their Pros

  • Funding is instant
  • You have no evaluation and no challenge
  • Your monthly profit target is only 5%
  • You can move positions overnight
  • They have a good reputation from customers

Their Cons

  • There are very few educational resources to help you
  • The buying power is pretty low for serious trading
  • The profit split is only 50% and you pay a monthly fee

City Traders Imperium


City Traders Imperium has no evaluation or assessment to get your foot in the door.

They do have an initial challenge to pass but you also have a full year to pass it so you shouldn’t really have any problem.

CTI works on a scale so you start at 50% profits and can potentially reach 70% on the highest tier.

CTI is based out of London and is great for small forex traders getting started. You can operate as low as $20K or as high as $2M. 

City Traders Imperium Programs

The plans here all begin at 50%, which is only paid during the initial challenge period. Once you pass the challenge, you can move up to 60% profit.

You can also get 70% profit, but only when you reach the $2 million mark. 

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split
Scaling$2,500£98 ($131)50%-70%
Scaling$5,000£180 ($240)50%-70%
Scaling$10,000£341 ($456)50%-70%
Scaling$12,500£405 ($541)50%-70%
Scaling$17,500£585 ($782)50%-70%

Their Pros

  • You can reach up to $2 million in funding
  • They offer a low funding option as well
  • They have tons of educational resources
  • The rules are pretty relaxed and easy to follow
  • You can scale up pretty quickly
  • You have a year to pass their initial challenge

Their Cons

  • You only get a 50% profit split until you pass the challenge and you have a year to do that. 
  • You have to reach the $2 million mark to get 70% profit splits


audacity capital

AudaCity gives you the ability to enjoy a real trading floor experience, which is pretty unique. They do have somewhat limited funding but since there is no evaluation, that is almost expected.

You can get initial $15K funding and they have a vast scaling plan available. The profit split is 50% no matter where you are. 

While there is no formal evaluation or challenge, you will still have to pass a phone interview and pay your subscription.

After that, you can head straight to live trading. You can manage up to $500K on a funded account. 

AudaCity Programs

AudaCity allows you to trade in a lot of different programs. Those include forex, commodities, fixed income, and even algorithmic trading.

They also have a hidden talent program if that is something you’re interested in. Unfortunately, there are no program listings for the scales but here is what we do know. 

  • Funding at $15K for $112/mo. 
  • 50% profit splits
  • Scalable up to $500K
  • Up-front fee of $225

Their Pros

  • You can get limited funding of $15K
  • You get a real trading floor experience
  • Ability to manage up to $500K funded
  • They allow EAs (no news trading)
  • A huge scalable plan
  • Their reputation is really great

Their Cons

  • There are limited details about the scaling of the plans
  • They do require a phone interview
  • The profit split is only 50%

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