5 Best Prop Trading Firms For Futures 2021: A Trader’s Perspective

Trading futures is not always a possibility at every single firm. However, the lucky thing is that with prop firms, futures are more often than not available to you. So, a new problem arises, with …

best prop trading firms for futures

Trading futures is not always a possibility at every single firm. However, the lucky thing is that with prop firms, futures are more often than not available to you.

So, a new problem arises, with many of these prop firms offering futures trading, how do you choose which firm to use?

Well, I’ve got you covered! Below, you will find my top picks for the 5 best prop trading firms for futures (from my research and personal experience).

But first, let’s see an overview of these firms.

Best Prop Trading Firms For Futures Overview

Prop FirmFundingProfit SplitFees 
TopStep Trader$50,000-$500,00080%-100%$165-$275 (Monthly)Open
FTMO$25,00-$2,000,00080%-90%$270-$1,217 (One Time)Open
My Forex Funds$324,000-$1,350,0050%$99-$2,450 (One Time)Open
Leeloo$25,000-$100,000100% - 80% - 90%$68-$154 (Monthly)Open
Surge Trader$25,00-$1,000,00075%$200-$6,500 (One Time)Open

Topstep Trader

best prop trading firms for futures - topsteptrader

If you’re looking for one of the absolute best trading firms for futures, Topstep might just be the option for you. They are based out of Chicago and are a highly-trusted source.

The profit split is really great at 80% and you even get to keep 100% of your profits on your first $5,000. 

This company opened up in 2012 and they’ve built a steady following through the years. Their site is user friendly and you can choose the funding option that works best for you on either Futures or Forex trading.

Finally, you have resources, like coaching from professional traders at your fingertips. 

Topstep Trader Programs

Topstep offers both futures and forex so I shared both types of programs below. On their setup, you get 100% of your profits on the first $5,000 and 80% forever after that. 

TypeFunding AmountMonthly FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • 1:100 leverage is really helpful
  • Digital coaching from professional traders
  • The fees are pretty cheap for the buying power
  • The 2-step evaluation process is easy to work through
  • You can get up to $500K buying power
  • You keep 100% of profits on the first $5,000

Their Cons

  • They keep their rules pretty tight but this should offer some sense of security
  • No weekend holding is allowed on any trading


second best prop trading firm for futures - ftmo.png

Get serious with FTMO. This company was designed for serious traders that are willing to put in the work and you can tell that by the evaluation process and the tiers they have.

They are based in the Czech Republic and they have a stellar reputation. 

If you choose to use FTMO, plan for a 2-step verification process and some limitations until you are verified and meet your challenge as needed.

However, once you start hitting those milestones, I think you will agree with me and all of the other pleased customers in their line. Their profit split is up to 90% but typically 80%. 

FTMO Programs

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • You face zero risk once you pass the evaluation and get funded
  • This company offers awesome support to traders
  • 2-step evaluation process for serious traders
  • 80-90% profit splits, nothing less
  • Highly-rated prop firm for futures

Their Cons

  • The evaluation can be challenging to pass since it was designed for serious traders
  • It’s hard to find clear definition of the programs just checking out the site

My Forex Funds

my forex funds

This futures prop trading firm lets you in with no evaluation. Now, they do have different levels of access so you may have to do the evaluation for some of the higher levels.

Still, entry is easy access and then you can build. When you hit your first target, they refund your registration fee and then you get a 50% split after that. 

The programs are based on experience levels and what you plan to do under the program. You might not need the high-end sides that require evaluation.

Once you get started, there is no time limit to meet any challenges so you get to move at your own pace. 

My Forex Funds Programs

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split
Accelerated Scaling$324,000$9950%
Accelerated Scaling$405,000$24550%
Accelerated Scaling$540,000$48550%
Accelerated Scaling$1,080,000$97050%
Accelerated Scaling$1,350,000$2,45050%

Their Pros

  • You can scale up to higher funding and experience usage
  • Your registration fee is refunded as the first milestone
  • You can reach targets on your own timeline
  • There is no evaluation needed to get going
  • Assured funding can reach high level up to $1.35 million

Their Cons

  • You are limited on how far you can go without an evaluation
  • This is limited to a 50% profit share, which doesn’t start until you reach your first target



Leeloo is all about customizing your trading experience with your own strategy. They don’t have a daily drawdown and you can get a free Ninja license to work with.

They are a highly-rated prop firm, particularly for futures trading but really for any type of training. 

With Leeloo, you get the flexibility to do things your own way. On the first $8,000, your split is 100% of the proceeds and after that, you get a solid 80% for a year and then 90% the next year.

Leeloo Programs

The program at Leeloo comes in 3 choices. Each of the choices follows the same split I mentioned just above. 

TypeFunding AmountMonthly FeeProfit Split
Aspire$25,000$68100% - 80% - 90%
Launch$50,000$81100% - 80% - 90%
Leeloo Express$100,000$154100% - 80% - 90%

Their Pros

  • Company has been around since 2008
  • The ability to trade with your own strategy
  • Great profit split setup that works for you
  • There are no scaling tricks to watch for
  • Their reputation is really great
  • You get a free Ninja license key

Their Cons

  • Even though they’ve been in business a long time, it’s still challenging to find a lot about them. 
  • Their funding limit is only $200K 

Surge Trader 


Surge Trader is a prop firm that is heavily underrated when it comes to options. But they can help you out with futures, forex, stocks, and even crypto specific programs.

Here, you can take advantage of your own skills and goals to capitalize on the return that you specifically want. 

Surge Trader has a scalable design and you will get to keep up to 75% of your profits based upon their scale. They do have an audition once you get started.

This is their equivalent of a challenge and you have as much time as you want or need to pass the audition. 

Surge Trader Programs

Surge Trader’s programs are scalable and each program returns up to 75%. Specific details were nowhere to be found. 

TypeFunding AmountOne Time FeeProfit Split

Their Pros

  • The audition, or challenge, can be done without a deadline
  • This company is based out of Naples, Florida
  • Scalable profits that go up to 75%
  • They have multiple platforms and programs
  • No minimum trading days so you have more flexibility

Their Cons

  • They require an application but not a formal evaluation
  • Their packages are a little bit on the pricy side as opposed to competitors out there

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